Acoustic Elysium

"Confusing the issue with facts since '91"

Site FAQ

Technical information required? Get it all right here.


  1. So... what's with the Website?

    I felt it were to be a more expressive and expansive way to be expansive and expressive and entertaining. Welcome to the world of Billy. Technically. :D

  2. Are there any restrictions?

    I'd like to keep it clean enough, but never stuffy. Don't be afraid to live uncensored, but at the same time keep the derogatory cursing to miniscule. Anyways, having fun is most important.

    No tolerance issues:


    Do not consciously post or comment repetitively, maliciously, or without prior brain function. (i.e. A lengthy post featuring the instructions of fellatio is completely not necessary unless it's in a private message to someone who asked directly for such instruction.)


    Do not post, comment, or message in attempt to anger, confuse, harm, or at any length negatively impact anyone on/in/about/of the site. Ever.


    Hardcore, softcore, gay, lesbian, FFM, BBW, etc. or any perceived type of pornography will be banned and removed. Maybe I'll make another site for that. >.> Kidding.

    Failure to hinder warnings, notices, and/or overall discontent with your profile activities WILL result in a Suspension, Ban, and/or Block. Your IP address WILL be revoked.


  3. What exactly is an "Acoustic Elysium"?

     Well, acoustic here expressly means sound and the auditory experience.

    An elysium is a paradise or place with heavenly qualities.

    Together they would be a divine place of sound and music.

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